Wow the price is so steep! Why so?

It is, but keep in mind on top of the photos you’re also paying for: - 10 years of photography experience. - 4 years of graduation shoot experience. - $10K+ worth of equipment. - Time to edit. I generally spend 2 hours managing files, removing superfluous shots, choosing favorites, backing up and editing for every 1 hour shot.

What equipment do you use?

I use a Fujifilm X-T2 and Fujifilm X-T3 with a 50mm f/1.2, 10-24mm f/4, 50-150mm f/2.8 and a 35mm f/2. I have wireless flashes, lights and diffusers but they aren’t used unless requested. They usually require the help of an assistant to operate and will be an additional extra. For 90% of the time, we’ll be okay without em. I edit on Lightroom on a Macbook Pro for post-processing. Occasionally turning to Photoshop for more photo manipulation. I have access to additional equipment such as the Sony A7III or A7sII at request for specialised shoots such as lowlight events at request.

Where do you usually shoot some pictures?

Shoot locations 1. Penn Commons (Formerly Wynn Commons) 2. College Green 3. Locust Walk College Green Side 4. Wharton Sign 5. Class of 49 top of Bridge 6. Love Statue 7. Penn Sign on Railroad infront of WXPN 8. By the Quad This is by far no extensive list. I've done things from GSRs, to Science Labs to City Hall to The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Feel free to let me know if. you have anything in particular you're interested in being photographed with!

What does this include?

1. Photography time of your choosing (subject to availability). 2. Unlimited photos. This means we can work until you get the pose, hair, lighting you want. 3. Key editing; I choose about 10 pictures I will put lots of time in making perfect. These will be the ones you post, print and cherish. I adjust everything from color, to temperature, to saturation of reds, blues and greens. 4. Unlimited general edits for the rest. I generally adjust the exposure and color for consistentcy. 5. Delivered full high-quality JPEGs through electronic medium (ie. Google Drive). 6. Complimentary access to up to 4 graduation robes. (1 Masters of Science (Wharton or Engineering), 2 Bachelor’s of Science (Wharton, or Engineering) and 1 Bachelor’s of Arts (College).

Can I request no editing?

On certain circumstances, maybe. Talk to me, we can figure something out! But as a general rule of thumb, I price inclusive of editing as this gets the best results for clients.

How do you deliver the photos?

I put them into a google photos link! It’ll be up for about a year after graduation, but I generally keep backups so feel free to reach out if you need it later. You can also request RAW files should you want them (these are unedited versions with higher dynamic range content)

How long do you take to edit the pictures?

The standard timeframe is 5-days.

Is there a preferred time of day for the photoshoot?

I always recommend golden hour — early morning and just before sunset. The closer it is to the sunrise/sunset, the better. If you see the booking calendar you’ll see I don’t accept bookings in the afternoon. Unless absolutely necessary for scheduling, I do not accept bookings during these hours. Feel free to reach out if you need an afternoon slot.

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LASIK is a widely-performed, effective medical procedure but there are risks involved. 

LASIK FAQs provides answers to many questions that include LASIK consultations, risks, and side effects.

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LASIK is a widely-performed, effective medical procedure but there are risks involved. LASIK FAQs provides answers to many questions that include LASIK consultations, risks, and side effects.