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Experience Matters

As a globally recognized vision specialist, Dr. Limberg became the first fellowship-trained laser vision correction specialist in the country and performed Central California's first laser vision correction procedures. He was on the team which performed the world's first laser vision correction in 1988 during his 1986-1988 fellowship with Dr. Marguerite  McDonald, M.D. F.A.C.S. at Louisiana State University Eye Center in New Orleans.

Dr. Limberg and his highly experienced LASIK team are committed to providing exceptional refractive eye surgery in a dedicated surgery center operating room. He is passionate about giving his patients their best possible eyesight so they can enjoy life to the fullest. Since Dr. Limberg established his practice on the Central Coast in 1995, he has personally performed over 20,000 vision correction procedures.

“If your eyesight is less than ideal or you are just tired of the hassle or limitations of glasses and contacts, I want to meet you. Our cutting-edge technology can provide a more permanent solution that is indeed safer than wearing contacts daily.”

Matt Swann

Matt Swann has been an essential and esteemed member of the Limberg LASIK team for three years. He attended the University of California, Berkeley graduating with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology, focusing on physiology and medical biology. He is an accomplished medical and surgical assistant with six years working experience; the last three with Dr. Limberg. Matt is certified to operate the LASIK machine and you will see him both in the office and during your scheduled surgery. He works with Dr. Limberg assessing your candidacy for LASIK and determining the refractive power of your eyes prior to surgery.


Matt knows how important eyesight is to enjoy life to the fullest. He can often be found on one of the local hiking trails or cheering on his team on Sundays.


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LASIK is a widely-performed, effective medical procedure but there are risks involved. 

LASIK FAQs provides answers to many questions that include LASIK consultations, risks, and side effects.

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