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Here is what satisfied patients are saying about their experience with Limberg LASIK. Our LASIK patients trust the remarkable results, the affordable pricing, and custom care – to provide you with better vision for better value.

I cannot express enough how caring the people are at Limberg LASIK. They made me feel like they were my family. The surgery is not even 10 minutes from start to finish. As soon as it’s done, you open your eyes and have the gift of sight

Polette (actual patient)

After getting LASIK at Limberg LASIK, I was able to enjoy my life more than I had thought… and do things I like to do without the worry or hassle of glasses or contact lenses. I can now swim, scuba dive, ride my bike, go hiking - all without my glasses. Having Dr. Limberg work on my eyes was life-changing for me.

Davis (actual patient)

The first time I looked outside, I could see the trees and leaves around me so clear, I felt like it was a high-definition experience in my head. I now have the freedom to enjoy my life in ways I didn't think was possible. Definitely one of the best decisions I've made for my health in a long time.

Alan A. (actual patient)

Contacts were a huge hassle for me - and a big expense. I was very nervous on the day of the surgery but Doctor Limberg and the rest of the Limberg LASIK staff made me feel at home. He explained everything step by step. When I was finished with the surgery, I was amazed at how I could see.

Margaret L. (actual patient)

The whole process was so fast. I didn't even realize the surgery was over. And the preparation and approval were very easy. I loved the whole staff.

Jamie (actual patient)

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LASIK is a widely-performed, effective medical procedure but there are risks involved. 

LASIK FAQs provides answers to many questions that include LASIK consultations, risks, and side effects.

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